Local Attractions

local attractions

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Surf City, NC

Just 5 miles from Oceans RV Resort is where you can find the exciting area of Surf City, North Carolina. With tons of restaurants, shops, and activities, everyone in your family can find something to enjoy! Surf City also has tons of public beach access areas, parks and playgrounds, outdoor recreation centers, and more.

Topsail Beach, NC

Just 10 miles away from Oceans RV Resort, lies the oasis known as Topsail Beach. Spanning over 25 miles long, and officially made a town in 1963, Topsail Beach has a robust history and popular attractions the whole family can enjoy! From gift shops and delicious food to relaxing by the beach and outdoor activities, Topsail Beach is a must-see attraction while staying with us at Oceans RV Resort.

Parks & Outdoors

Whether you're looking to rent a shelter, go fishing, or take an evening walk at sunset, our parks provide a variety of amenities for the whole family!

Museums & Aquariums

Visit Permuda Island or drop by at EMA to learn about the ocean, how to protect it and explore the endless fun activities they offer.


Seafood, Burgers, Italian, Mexican or BBQ, you name it, Holly Ridge has them all to offer. Come and grab a bite at some of our great local restaurants.

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